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Applied Maths

Applied Mathematics is a subject in which students take the maths that they learn in their mathematics class and use it to solve problems.  The skill of problem-solving will last students well beyond the Leaving Cert.  They can put it to use in university (whatever they study) and in the workplace – especially in the fields of finance, engineering, architecture, science or actuarial studies.

The problems that we solve in Applied Maths are mostly from mechanics (a branch of physics).  We analyse the path of projectiles, we can predict if a person can get to the top of a ladder before it will slip, we look at the paths of colliding snooker balls, we calculate when we can sail out of a harbour as the tide rises and falls in simple harmonic motion.

The course is not long.  But it does raise challenges.  If you are able to rise to the challenges, you’ll love it.  It will help your Project Maths, because you’ll become a good problem-solver: able to read a question in English, convert the problem into equations, solve them and finally express your findings in English again.

There are 10 questions on the Leaving Cert paper and you can answer any 6.  The topics covered are Acceleration, Relative Velocity, Projectiles, Connected Particles, Collisions, Circular motion & Simple Harmonic Motion, Statics, Moments of Inertia, Hydrostatics and Differential Equations.  Most students cover at least 7 topics.

Many students study this wonderful subject outside the school timetable – or even on their own.  SMStutor will be a big help to such students.  Whatever your circumstances, remember that Applied Maths is for life – not just for the Leaving Cert.


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