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“Do I have to sign up before Sept 1st to get the full academic year packages?”

No.  If you sign up for the academic year packages (270 texts) after Sept 1st the delivery is “accelerated”. Depending on when you sign up you might get 2 texts at the weekends or if you sign up later again, you will get 2 texts every weekday and 3 on non-school days. If you sign up later again you will get 3 texts on weekdays and 4 texts on non-school days.

“Do I have to have a smartphone to receive SMStutor texts?”

It is preferable if the receiving phone is a smartphone as sometimes there will be short code links to download files. A non-smartphone can still receive the texts, of course, but might not be able to display a pdf, for example.


“What if I’m receiving texts about topics we haven’t covered in class?”

Every teacher has their own sequence of topics. If we are sending you texts regarding a topic you haven’t covered yet, then you will be at an advantage when you cover that topic in class. If you did the topic in class months ago and we’re sending you texts about that topic now then it will serve as a great revision tool.


“My friend wants me to share your texts with him, is that OK?”

Absolutely not! That is copyright theft and an offense under Copyright Law – please check our terms and conditions!


“My phone number has changed, can I change the number to which the texts go?”

Please email and let us know immediately of your change of number and we will amend our records accordingly so you continue to receive our texts to your new number.


“Does it matter which mobile network I am on?”

No – as long as it is an Irish Network you will receive the texts.


“Will there be a charge per text?”

No – you pay only the monthly or yearly charge which covers the costs of all texts. Our texts are regular SMS (Short Message Service) texts not premium texts. If there is a download link contained in the text ensure you are connected to a WIFI network otherwise you may use up your data allocation in your service plan with your provider.


“The text I received today has a download link in it.
Can I copy the link into my computer browser and download the file to my computer?”

Yes absolutely you can. The files are stored on our server and may be accessed from either your phone or a computer connected to the internet.


“Will I miss out if I sign up after the 1st of the month?”

No – If you sign up during the month you will receive the text for the next day as normal plus you will receive an additional text each day until you’ve caught up with all the missing texts.


“Will SMStutor be offering a service for Junior Cert?”

Yes! SMStutor is now available for Junior Cert (2nd and 3rd years), Transition Year and Leaving Cert (5th and 6th years)