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Leaving Cert Geography

Leaving Cert Geography

As you will know there are a number of choices in the Geography Leaving Certificate courses.

The course is divided into a number of sections:

Section 1: The core consists of:

  1. Unit 1: Patterns and Processes in the Physical Environment (Physical Geography)
  2. Unit 2: Regional Geography
  3. Unit 3: Geographical Investigation and Skills

The Regional Geography case studies SMS Tutor do are as follows:

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Ireland: The BMW and the Greater Dublin Area

Europe: Paris Basin and the Mezzogiorno

Non-European: Brazil



Section 2: Electives: There are two Electives in Leaving Cert Geography.

The Elective SMS Tutor will deal with is:

Unit 5: Patterns and Processes in the Human Environment

Section 3: Options. There are 4 Options. This section is for Higher level students only.

The Option we will deal with is:

Unit 7: Geoecology


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