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SMStutor – the world’s first mobile learning system

We are delighted and thrilled to bring you the world’s first mobile-learning aid for 2nd level students. Thanks to all our tutors for their help.  Special thanks to Paul Tierney of Avalon Print and Design for delivering this great website on time and on budget!!!

March 22nd, 2014

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  • Phyllis Lane says:

    I am a grandmother of a 2nd level student and I have just heard of your website on the John Murray show. I think it’s an ingenious idea. We’ll done and wishing you all the very best for the future. P. lane

  • Peter Coyle says:

    I think this new way of learning will be a great help to me

  • John O' Driscoll says:

    Congratulations! I was green with envy when I heard Frank on the radio. But there you are, the simplest ideas are often the best. It is wonderful. And I wish you every success. It is a noble project and deserves every good fortune. I have no kids at exams but I will pass it on.

  • CLARE DILLON says:

    Bought the oral french package for my daughter Grace who tried endlessly to download on Friday but no joy. Well done for great support on Saturday morning, phoning, and texting and sorting out the problem. There are always bleeps and blunders in something new but “cudos” to you Frank for sorting things out asap. Plan to sign her up for more SMS on foot of your swift action. Great idea. Well done Frank!

    • SMS Tutor says:

      Happy to help Clare! There’s nothing more frustrating than when your internet times out in the middle of a large download! I hope our French Oral Package was a great help to Grace and helped her ace the oral!

  • Barbara Shanahan says:

    Was delighted to hear this item on John Murray show this morning. Will be booking sessions today. Sounds like a brilliant idea. Fingers crossed it will work for the students and will be a huge success for you.

  • Nicholas says:

    I would be grateful if you could provide some examples of the content of the texts for reference purposes for each of the subjects offered.

    • SMS Tutor says:

      Dear Nicholas, If you look on either the Leaving Cert page or the Junior Cert Page you will see “Sample texts” in various subjects on the right hand side. If you need more information please email

  • Niamh says:

    Hi, is there somewhere on the site one can register personal details (name, number, credit card etc) so that you dont have to be putting it in each time, instead just enter username and password?

    • SMS Tutor says:

      Dear Niamh, Thanks for your enquiry! There is no way to store your credit card information on our website, however you do have the option of using a PayPal account (which you can top up with your credit card and store your details) which I think will achieve what you want! Thank you for your orders!

  • Anne Lavelle says:

    Just want to say thanks so much – my son delighted with the texts. Thanks also for super swift response – would recommend this service wholeheartedly. Is it possible to avail of more than 3 subjects. Sincerely, Anne Lavelle.

    • SMS Tutor says:

      Hi Anne, delighted your son likes the texts. I’m sure he will find them extremely helpful! Yes you can get as many subjects are you wish. Thanks again!

  • Sharon Hanna says:

    My son is in 6th yr. Should we purchase both 5th & 6th yr history? What is the diff? Also what areas of history do you cover? All? Because you have a choice of topics to study how can we be sure we get exact topics?

    • SMS Tutor says:

      Hi Sharon, Thank you for your question. In order to get the benefit of our entire Leaving Cert Course it would be an excellent idea to get both 5th and 6th year programmes. If you look at the Leaving Cert History page click on “Read More” under the first paragraph and you will get some more detail about what is covered. Thanks

  • magaretraferty says:

    wish to puchase programme for grandson. How do i subscribe?. m argaret

    • SMS Tutor says:

      Hi Margaret, You can purchase programme for your grandson right here on our website! Across the top of screen you will see Junior Cert (for 2nd and 3rd Year), TY (4th year) and Leaving Cert (5th and 6th Year). Go to the relevant area then you will see all the subject options on the right. Select the subject you want then scroll down to find the year/level and academic year or monthly option buttons. After you select whatever you want there you can add more subjects in the same way then finally click checkout. Note: all discounts are added at the checkout not before. Regards SMS Tutor Customer Service

  • Isabelle Smyth says:

    Delighted to hear about this on Newstalk. It is the best app ever, exactly what I need. Just signed up for Higher Level 5th year English. Will be taking several other courses when I see how I get on. I am 75.

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