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Junior Cert English


At Junior Certificate, the English Course aims to develop the students’ personal proficiency in the Arts and Skills of Language. Over 75% of the examination, deals with material previously unseen to the student. So it is vital to encourage reading and writing skills in these early years.

SMStutor English is a constant, fun and engaging way to keep up to speed with these areas. It is proven to improve students’ recall and ability, and significantly improve their grade.

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SMStutor English will enhance learning at Junior Certificate level in the following areas: Written Composition Skills, Language Skills (eg paragraphing, sentence structure), Language around Media

Studies and Advertising, Reading and Comprehension Skills, Aesthetic Response to Unseen Texts, How to Lengthen an Answer, Understanding Functional Writing, Revising the Drama and Novel, Tackling Poetry and much more.

Differentiated texts are available for 2nd Year and 3rd Year students.

Add-on Bundles are available from December 2014 for the following texts;

1) Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, Mildred D. Taylor 2) To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee 3) Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck 4) Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare 5) Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare 6) The Field, John B. Keane

Texts are pitched at Higher Level students


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Monthly English 2nd Year 


Yearly English 2nd Year


Monthly English 3rd Year


Yearly English 3rd Year


Special 30-text modules for prescribed texts


Roll of Thunder Bundle


Romeo & Juliet Bundle


The Merchant of Venice


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