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Junior Cert Geography

Junior Certificate Geography

Even though the course is a three year course I will cover all topics in the two years. The content of the course is similar for both higher and ordinary level with a few extra case studies at higher level.

The list of topics covered is as follows:
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  1. The earth’s surface: shaping the crust the Earth’s

This section deals with topics such as the Earth’s structure, movement of the tectonic plates, volcanoes, earthquakes, the formation and uses of different rocks, denudation, the role of rivers, glaciation and sea in wearing down the earth’s surface. Both ordinary and higher level students have only to study either the role of glaciation or the sea in wearing down the earth’s surface. I will cover both of these topics.

  1. The restless atmosphere and the workings of our life support system

Among the topics that will be covered in this section are the atmosphere, how the Earth’s atmosphere is heated, weather, measuring weather, the water cycle, climates and natural regions, humans and climate and soils.

  1. Geographical skills

This area looks and map reading and geographical photographs.


  1. Population – distribution, diversity and change.

In this section we look at population growth, structure, distribution and density.

  1. People on the Move

This section looks at the different types of migration and their effect on different areas.

  1. Settlement: changing patterns in where we live – villages and towns

Here we look at settlement in Ireland from the first settlers to the present day. We will look at the distribution of towns and villages, settlement patterns, functions of settlement and how settlements are linked together.

  1. Urbanisation: changing patterns in where we live – cities

Among the topics covered in this section is the historical development of an Irish city, functional zones in a city, land use in a city, urban problems and solutions, and urbanisation in the Developing world.




  1. Primary economic activities: the earth as a resource

Among the topics covered is farming as a system, fishing, and the Earth’s resources such as peat, oil and water.

  1. Secondary economic activities: building resources into products.

Topics covered here include manufacturing as a system, factors affecting the location of a factory, industrial location over time, women in the workforce and the effect of industry on the environment.

  1. Tertiary economic activities: facilitating our use of resources

Tourism and transport are dealt with here.

  1. Economic inequality: the earth’s resources – who benefits?

This section deals with inequality in the world. It covers topics such as aid, factors that hinder economic development in Developing Countries, economic inequality in Europe and possible solutions to economic inequality.


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