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Junior Cert German

Welcome to Junior Certificate German! Willkommen!

With SMS Tutor you will receive a text a day to help you prepare for your Junior Cert examination. You will receive useful vocabulary and sentences to improve your listening, reading and writing skills.

We cover the required topics on the Junior Certificate curriculum to help you revise for your German examination, such as the German alphabet, numbers, telling the time, sports, music, hobbies, pets, school subjects, street directions, holidays, transport, the body, injuries and illnesses and much more. You will receive useful spelling tips and grammar rules to help you learn the present, past and future tenses and construct correct sentences for the written part of the exam. You will also receive sample answers for the letter, short note and postcard and exam tips on how to approach the reading and listening comprehensions. Remember about one third of your overall result is allocated to the Listening Comprehension.

Learn something new every day! Lernen Sie jeden Tag etwas Neues!


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