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Junior Cert History


History is the branch of knowledge dealing with the recording and interpreting of past events. The Department of Education History syllabus states that the subject “should introduce young people to the job of the historian, and to the sources and techniques which historians use to find out about the past. It should also provide young people with a wide tapestry of past events, issues, people and ways of life through which they can come to perceive patterns such as cause and consequence, change and continuity. It is in the past that they will find the roots of the contemporary world”.

Syllabus and Topics
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The syllabus is divided into three sections

Section 1 how we find out about the past 

Major Topics

  • The job of the historian and archaeologists
  • Ancient Ireland
  • Early Christian Ireland
  • Ancient Rome
  • The Medieval World
  • Renaissance

Section II Studies of change 

Major Topics

  • The Age of Exploration
  • The Reformation
  • Plantations  in Ireland
  • Revolutionary movements in America, Ireland and France
  • Agricultural, Transport  and Industrial revolution
  • The  Irish Famine


Section III Understanding the modern world

Major Topics

  • Political developments in Ireland in the late 19th Century and the 20th Century
  • Social change in the 20th century
  • International relations in the 20th century incorporating Europe after World War 1  to the emergence of the Superpowers and the Cold war.

With regards to section three Students studying this syllabus at Ordinary Level will study two of the above topics .Students studying the syllabus at Higher Level will study all three.



Assessment in the subject consists of a written examination paper. The syllabus is examined at both Ordinary and Higher level. The Ordinary level paper is 90 minutes long and consists of four sections while the Honours level paper is two and a half hours long and contains of six sections.


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