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Junior Cert Irish

Junior Cycle Gaeilge

Students need to familiarise themselves with a wide range of material on the junior cycle course.  They will have to sit two exams and are expected to answer a wide range of questions which cover 6 main sections including; an aural, contextual language exercises, composition, comprehension, literature and letter writing. SMS Tutor will provide students with practical and concise texts to aid and guide them through their study and help them undertake their first state examination with confidence. Texts will cover the Irish higher level course and will include material on the following;


  • Key questions and sample answers in the poetry and prose section.
  • Helpful phrases and key vocabulary for aural exam.
  • Useful key phrases to successfully complete reading comprehensions.
  • Key grammar points to prepare for the contextual language exercises.
  • Step by step guide to write a successful essay.
  • Step by step guide to write a successful letter.
  • Tips and advice in exam time management.


Please select the year, level and duration of your Irish texts package


Monthly Ordinary Level 2nd Year 


Monthly Higher Level 2nd Year


Monthly Ordinary Level 3rd Year


Monthly Higher Level 3rd Year

Yearly Ordinary Level 2nd Year 

Yearly Higher Level 2nd Year

Yearly Ordinary Level 3rd Year

Yearly Higher Level 3rd Year


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