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Junior Cert Maths

Whether you are terrified of Maths or it is your favourite subject, SMStutor will help you. Research has shown that you are four times more likely to remember finer details with SMStutor than without. When applied to Junior Cert Maths, our system will help you remember all the finer points of the course and the best methods of approach for Project Maths.

The essence of Mathematics is order. With a text every day SMStutor will help you achieve a most orderly approach to your Junior Cert Maths.

As there are a number of differences between Higher Level and Ordinary Level Maths please make sure that you select the correct package for your year (2nd or 3rd) or your level. If you are now in 3rd year you might decide that you don’t want to miss out and order both 2nd AND 3rd year packages and receive 2 texts per day that will cover the entire course.


Please select the year, level and duration of your Maths texts package


Monthly Ordinary Level 2nd Year 


Yearly Ordinary Level 2nd Year


Monthly Higher Level 2nd Year


Yearly Higher Level 2nd Year


Monthly Ordinary Level 3rd Year


Yearly Ordinary Level 3rd Year 


Monthly Higher Level 3rd Year


Yearly Higher Level 3rd Year 


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