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Junior Cert Music

2nd and 3rd years

Welcome to Junior Cert music from SMStutor where you will get invaluable help to steer you on course for a good mark in your exams. With a daily text from SMStutor you will learn a little each day without even realising it! From essential terms like Allegro, Ritornello and Descant to help with understanding Form (Sonata Form, Rondo form etc) to help and guidance with your set works, SMStutor is an invaluable companion to your Junior Cert Music studies. We will guide you in composition and harmony so that you can maximise your score in the Junior Cert.

Our texts are compatible with both Higher and Ordinary Level Courses.

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Monthly Music 2nd Year 


Yearly Music 2nd Year


Monthly Music 3rd Year


Yearly Music 3rd Year


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