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Junior Cert Science

Junior Certificate Science Syllabus
The syllabus is presented in three main sections, biology, chemistry and physics.

Biology is the science of living things and is dealt with under the following headings:

• Human Biology – food, digestion and associated body systems
• Human Biology – the skeletal/muscular system, the senses and human reproduction
• Animals, plants and micro-organisms
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Chemistry deals with the composition of matter and the processes by which materials can change and be changed. The main areas of study are as follows:
• Classification of substances
• Air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water
• Atomic structure, reactions and compounds

Physics is concerned with the laws and relationships that govern our world and also provides insights into how things work. It aids development of problem-solving skills.
The areas of study are:
• Force and energy
• Heat, light and sound
• Magnetism, electricity and electronics


Coursework A
Experiments and investigations specified in the syllabus.
Marks: 10%

Coursework B
Additional specified investigations or one investigation of the student’s own choice Marks: 25%

Terminal examination
Section 1: Biology Section 2: Chemistry Section 3: Physics
Marks: 65%

SMStutor and science.

SMStutor will concentrate on the material required for the terminal exam and Coursework A. Coursework B will not be included as investigations vary from year to year. This is an ideal format in which to learn scientific definitions, chemicals required for experiments, chemical equations etc. Discrete pieces of information can be more easily learned and retained with the support of daily texts.

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