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Junior Cert Spanish

Learning Spanish is so easy with SMStutor. Getting a text every day with a new phrase, a new grammatical point or simply new vocabulary, is an ideal way to learn any language. With daily texts your knowledge of Spanish will grow and grow as you learn something new every day.

SMStutor texts help you to really understand and remember all the basics of Spanish grammar that you need for the Junior Cert. We know from Research that students are four times more likely to remember finer details with SMStutor’s help.

We are making a special oral package for you! This will be available in November.

Choose whichever package is relevant to your year (2nd or 3rd year). You have the option to buy monthly packages for €5 per month or get one month free by choosing the yearly option for just €40.


Please select the year and duration of your Spanish texts package


Monthly 2nd Year 


Yearly 2nd Year


Monthly 3rd Year


Yearly 3rd Year


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