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Leaving Cert Art

The Leaving Certificate Art course is comprised of practical art practices and the study of Art History and Appreciation. The Art History and Appreciation section of the exam is allocated 37.3% of the total mark. A good knowledge and understanding of this section will boost your final grade. The History of Art and Appreciation is divided into three areas of study;

Section 1          Art in Ireland (from prehistoric times to the present)

Section 2         European Art (from 1000 A.D to the present)

Section 3         Under the general heading General Appreciation students are given the opportunity to examine and discuss topics based on every-day visual experiences in their own environment.

Students at Ordinary and Higher level follow a common course and both Higher and Ordinary Level are required to answer three essay type questions, one from each of the three sections.

The History of Art and Appreciation is a broad course and is studied over the two years of the Leaving Cert cycle. Subsequently, SMStutor 5th year covers topics from;

  • Section 1 Art in Ireland
  • Irish and European Romanesque and Gothic Art
  • Art appreciation

SMStutor 6th year covers topics from

  • Section 2 European Art 14th – 20th Century
  • Modern Irish Art and contemporary practice
  • Product Design

Leaving Cert Art is such an extensive course that often little time is available in the classroom for the study of the Art History and Appreciation area and that is where SMStutor can help. Receiving small quantities of information everyday on a topic rather than cramming large amounts of detail into a short class period helps with better recall of facts, and understanding.

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