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Leaving Cert Business

The Leaving Certificate Business course is divided into seven units of study. It is concerned with the understanding of the environment in which business operates in Ireland and in the wider world. It also involves providing students with a positive view of enterprise and its applications in the business environment, in both the public and private sectors.
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Course Structure

(Unit 1) People In Business

People and their relationships in business

Conflicting interests and how they are resolved

(Unit 2) Enterprise

Introduction and definition of enterprise

Entrepreneurs and enterprise skills

(Unit 3) Managing 1

Introduction and definition of management

Managers and management skills

Management activities

(Unit 4) Managing 2

Household and business manager

Human resource management

Changing role of management

Monitoring the business


 (Unit 5) Business In Action

Identifying opportunities

Getting started



(Unit 6) Domestic Environment

Categories of industry
Types of business organisation

Community development

Business and the economy

Government and business
Social responsibilities of business


(Unit 7) International Environment

Introduction to the international trading environment

European Union
International business



The syllabus is assessed through a final written exam worth 100%. The higher level exam is broken down into three sections; Section 1. 10 short questions answer 8, Section 2. A compulsory ABQ based on three units of the Business course and Section 3. 7 long questions, students must answer 4 of them.

The ordinary level exam is broken down into two sections: Section 1. 15 short questions, answer 10 and Section 2. 8 long questions, answer 4. A variety of questioning techniques are used, and a flexible and varied approach is taken to the style of questioning in the written examination.

This syllabus contains outcomes common to Ordinary and Higher levels and some that are designated to Higher level only.

At Ordinary level, candidates will be required to:

  • recall and demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the syllabus content.

In addition, Higher level candidates will be required to:

  • demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of the concepts and issues than Ordinary level candidates, as well as a greater proficiency in applications and analysis;
  • apply the business terms, concepts and theories to address problems and issues;
  • select, organise, interpret and use information supplied;
  • evaluate and make reasoned judgements and present conclusions accurately and appropriately.


SMStutor and Business

SMStutor covers the following areas:

  • Short Questions- SMS Tutor will deal with frequently occurring short questions demonstrating to students exactly how they should be answered in accordance with the marking scheme.
  • The Applied Business Question (ABQ) units- SMS tutor will deal with the relevant units for the ABQ showing students how to deal with the case study and how to answer questions on it.
  • Long Questions- SMS Tutor will advise students on how to approach long questions based on content, the verb used and marking scheme provided.

SMStutor is provided by experienced Business teachers and examiners who will provide excellent information, tips and advice on how best to answer the Leaving Cert Business paper.

Students will receive advice on time management, how to deal with key verbs and shown how to answer questions from past exam papers.

Students will find each text invaluable in pursuit of the perfect A1 grade!!


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