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Leaving Cert English

Our Leaving Cert English texts promise to improve your grade in just one month! Student feedback has informed us that you need support navigating your way through the papers, help with timing and focusing on the specific questions posed.

We focus on key language and literature skills to support and structure your way through both papers, picking up essential extra marks. Quick and easy key tips will include, scaffolding your composing section; improving your personal responses to literature texts; understanding the basics behind language styles for comprehending; formal aspects of the section B choices; tips on comparative ideas and understanding key moments; language around comparative modes; poetry techniques and appreciation revision and tackling the unseen poem.

Become a more accomplished student today! SMStutor Leaving Cert English texts are compatible with both Higher Level and Ordinary Level Papers.



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Monthly Higher Level 6th Year


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Yearly Higher Level 5th Year


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Special 30-text modules for prescribed texts


Othello Bundle


How many miles to Babylon Bundle


Juno and the Paycock


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