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Welcome to Leaving Cert German! Willkommen!
With SMS Tutor we offer a text a day to help you prepare for your Leaving Cert German exams. You will receive useful phrases covering the Leaving Cert German topics, key vocabulary to improve your skills in the reading and listening comprehensions, as well as important grammar rules and tips on how to write an essay and a letter. You will also receive sample answers and tips for the oral and aural examination. Learn something new every day! Lernen Sie jeden Tag etwas Neues!

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Learn useful phrases and vocabulary to successfully complete the reading comprehensions, as well as tips on how to approach answering the questions.
Improve your writing skills by expanding your German vocabulary. A good knowledge of grammar is also vital to building correct sentences. You will receive sample expressions to use in your essay (Äuβerung zum Thema) and tips on letter writing (Schriftliche Produktion / der Brief).
Speaking & Listening / Oral & Aural Exam
Prepare for the oral and aural examinations as early as possible. The aural (listening) exam is worth 20% of your result. The oral exam is worth approximately 25% at Higher Level and 20% at Ordinary Level and this exam takes place around Easter. You will receive tips on how to improve your pronunciation, comprehension and fluency, which will assist you in performing well in the Roleplays (Rollenspiele) and the Picture Stories (Bildergeschichten). We will also provide some sample questions and answers for the general conversation section of the exam.
Useful Phrases & Vocabulary
You will have to write an essay and a letter at Higher Level and a dialogue, letter, and picture story at Ordinary Level. We will send you useful vocabulary, phrases and idioms to incorporate in your Leaving Cert written examination to help you get those extra points.
Good knowledge of grammatical terms and structures are essential for your Leaving Cert German Exam. Our grammar texts will help you remember important rules on how to construct German sentences and learn the most important grammar topics to help you approach the grammar section of the exam paper (Angewandte Grammatik).
Exam Skills
We offer advice on how to improve your language learning skills and tips on how to approach each section of the exam and exam time management.



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