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Leaving Cert Home Economics

Home economics is a most important subject covering a broad range of topics which will help you in every aspect of your future, more than you think.

The course is divided into three main sections which is called the Core

  1. Food Studies – covering food science and nutrition, diet and health, food commodities, food prep and cooking, processing and packaging, additives, microbiology, food preservation.
  2. Resource management – family resource management, household finance, household technology, textiles, consumer studies.
  3. Social studies – family, marriage, family as a caring unit, family law, making a will.

The third section is a choice of Electives which most schools choose to study social studies in more detail.

The Social Elective

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    This covers social change and the family, education, work, leisure, unemployment, poverty and statutory responses to poverty and creating employment.

    Students must also complete a journal of their investigations and findings for specified cooking tasks which will have to be done in school under supervision(20%). Here SMS Tutor cannot help but the course list is worthy of plenty of help in order to achieve a fantastic grade in the written exam which is worth 80%.

    We can focus on giving students clear definitions and explanations and tips for answering all aspects of the course which will make learning easier .Texts will be broken down section by section so it is logical and simple to obtain the grade you need. We can direct you to websites which may help you further your knowledge. Texts will act as crucial study aids to summarise the course content. Students will receive advice on time management when answering questions in that all important exam.


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