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Leaving Cert Music

Leaving Cert Music Programme

Composition Paper

Our texts focus particularly on the composition paper, specifically on question 1 (the 16-bar melody) and question 5 (chords and bass line). We have a very simple but effect method for a systematic approach to composition which will both help to improve the weaker students and curb the enthusiasm of the very talented musician whose creativity may otherwise not be appreciated by the Dept of Education!  Under the current guidelines Mozart most probably would not have scored well in the composition paper!  Our simple 8 step method will help you score very well on Question 1.  Our tips and advice for Question 5 will also help you score better in your Leaving Cert Music Exam.  Score well in the Composition paper and you will do very well!

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Listening Paper

One could spend hours and hours preparing for the Leaving Cert Music Listening exam and still not score highly.  Our texts will help you here.  We will send you audio samples (make sure you’re in a wifi zone when you see a shortcode link in a text!) to help you get essential practice.

We will send you some audio links to help you practice for the Leaving Cert Music Listening paper. Make sure you are in a wifi zone when you see a short code link in one of our texts.

We will help you to identify rhythms, melodies and dance tunes.

Set Works

We will send you a little help on the Leaving Cert Music set works – Berlioz, Mozart, Beatles and Deane.  From our experience this is the area of the course that you will need least help on – just know your music – listen!


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