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Transition Year Irish

Transition year is a great time to improve your Irish. It is a year where we have time to focus on grammar and vocabulary. Improving your vocabulary and expanding your tools of expression in Irish will greatly improve your grades in the Leaving Cert.

It’s an easy year – learning with SMStutor in transition year will ensure that 5th year and 6th year are a lot easier for you too.

Remember – a qualification in Irish is essential to get into Irish universities.

We have two levels of transition year Irish texts: Ordinary level and Higher level. Choose ordinary level if you are struggling at this subject. You might well be ready to tackle Higher Level when you go into 5th year. If you are already quite competent at Irish then opt for the Higher Level package and we’ll get you to an even higher level of competency.


Please select the level and duration of your Irish texts package


Monthly Ordinary Level  


Yearly Ordinary Level


Monthly Higher Level 


Yearly Higher Level


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