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Transition Year Maths

Transition Year can be great depending what you make of it! It can be the year when you decide what you want to do with your life. It is a year of exploration and adventure. It can also be a wasted year – but that is up to you!

While you are in TY, there will be great opportunities to get a headstart in preparation for your Leaving Cert Maths program. Remember, most universities in Ireland require you to at least pass maths in the Leaving Cert and don’t forget those extra points for Higher Level Maths may prove to be crucial!
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One of our aims at SMStutor is to de-stress the process of studying for the Leaving Cert. Using your Transition Year wisely and with our help you will be fully prepared for an orderly, well-organised and stressless approach to your final exams.

Our SMStutor maths programmes for this Transition Year will give you an introduction and firm grounding in all the mathematical concepts and principles that you will need for the Leaving Cert.

If Mathematics is a struggle for you, you should select the Ordinary Level option here. If Maths is one of your better subjects then select the Higher Level option and go for that A1 in the Leaving Cert!


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